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About the Fairfield Fire Department

The Fairfield (Connecticut) Fire Department responded to over eight thousand six hundred  (8400+) calls for help during 2014. Those calls for help occurred throughout the entire 32 square miles of Fairfield, at all times of the day and night, and in all weather conditions, including severe storms and floods.

The Fairfield Fire Department responds to more than just fires. Emergency medical calls ranging from cardiac arrest to childbirth are just a few of the  medical emergencies we respond to. The Fairfield Fire Department has been designated by the State Department of Emergency Medical Services as the Emergency First Responder in our community. In addition to basic level care, Fairfield's Firefighters are also trained to utilize defibrillators as well as administer medication for patients having allergic reactions. Many Connecticut fire departments don't respond to emergency medical calls, they are handled by an outside service at an additional expense to the community.

The Fairfield Fire Department is a founding member of the Fairfield County Hazardous Materials Response Team. Many fire departments do not respond to hazardous materials incidents, regardless of the emergency nature. Those towns and cities are forced to have private contractors on retainer, and pay handily. Fairfield Firefighters also train for Specialized Rescue Operations. Known as "SPECOPS," members of the department train for confined space rescue as well as other technical rescue emergencies. This training is continuous and intense.

When measured against any fire department, the Town of Fairfield gets the most service out of their firefighters. Additionally, the services rendered by the Fairfield Fire Department go well beyond emergency response. Armed with knowledge, equipment and training, Fairfield Fire Fighters managed many reports of domestic terrorism. The Fairfield Fire Department continues to prepare for such homeland defense missions.

Thousands of other responses for public need are not reflected in the above statistics. Many of these non-emergency activities help reduce the number of emergency calls for help from our citizens. Smoke Detector Surveys, fire safety education of the public and private school children, fire inspections, pre-fire planning, O.S.H.A. mandated training of firefighters, police officers, public works employees and school maintenance staff, and many other efforts now make up the daily routine within our organization.

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Fire Chief Denis McCarthy and the Fairfield Firefighters IAFF Local 1426


The Fairfield Fire Department would like to welcome our new Fire Chief Denis McCarthy. We look forward to building a good relationship and together, further the development of the department and the skills of its' members.

Fire Chief Denis McCarthy has served in the Connecticut Fire Service for over 37 years.  Chief McCarthy brings a wealth of experience to the position. He is a progressive and energetic public servant who anticipates the changing demands in the public safety environment. Denis credits his achievements to working collaboratively within the Fire Department, with partners from other municipal departments, in the private sector as well as with citizen and community groups.  
Chief McCarthy values an honest, transparent and credible decision- making process. He recognizes the importance of public safety and the role of the Fire Department and Emergency Management on the health and stability of a community. The Chief encourages the contributions of every member of his team and appreciates the impact each member can have to better inform the decisions, programs and projects of the department.
For the past ten years, McCarthy served as Chief of Department in Norwalk Ct. In his role as Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director, he updated the professional standards of the staff, created a fire rescue marine unit, led the construction of a $15 million, state of the art Fire Headquarters and Emergency Operations Center. This LEED Gold facility was built on time and on budget. 
Always a community leader, Chief McCarthy spearheaded the development of a school safety plan for the public school system as well as the safety plan for City Hall. In his role as Emergency Management Director, he ran a number of disaster exercises for the community and the region including a full scale Metro- North Disaster Exercise.  In 2006, Chief McCarthy was recognized as the Connecticut Emergency Manager of the Year. Under his leadership, the Norwalk’s Emergency Management team has grown into a collaborative team that responded to Sandy, Irene and other storms. Prior to his service in Norwalk  Chief McCarthy served 27 years in the Westport Fire Department completing his service there as Fire Chief.
Beyond local service, Chief McCarthy was selected for Governor Malloy’s ‘Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’ as well as the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Advisory Board.  He is a past president of the Connecticut Career Fire Chief’s Association, the Coastal Fire Chief’s Association and has served as Chair of the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security Regional Emergency Planning Team.   He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Human Services Council in Norwalk serving as 1st Vice President.
Denis is a 37 year resident of Fairfield. He looks forward to bringing his expertise to his hometown.