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About the Fairfield Fire Department

The Fairfield (Connecticut) Fire Department responded to over eight thousand six hundred  (8600+) calls for help during 2013. Those calls for help occurred throughout the entire 32 square miles of Fairfield, at all times of the day and night, and in all weather conditions, including severe storms and floods.

The Fairfield Fire Department responds to more than just fires. Emergency medical calls ranging from cardiac arrest to childbirth are just a few of the  medical emergencies we respond to. The Fairfield Fire Department has been designated by the State Department of Emergency Medical Services as the Emergency First Responder in our community. In addition to basic level care, Fairfield's Firefighters are also trained to utilize defibrillators as well as administer medication for patients having allergic reactions. Many Connecticut fire departments don't respond to emergency medical calls, they are handled by an outside service at an additional expense to the community.

The Fairfield Fire Department is a founding member of the Fairfield County Hazardous Materials Response Team. Many fire departments do not respond to hazardous materials incidents, regardless of the emergency nature. Those towns and cities are forced to have private contractors on retainer, and pay handily. Fairfield Firefighters also train for Specialized Rescue Operations. Known as "SPECOPS," members of the department train for confined space rescue as well as other technical rescue emergencies. This training is continuous and intense.

When measured against any fire department, the Town of Fairfield gets the most service out of their firefighters. Additionally, the services rendered by the Fairfield Fire Department go well beyond emergency response. Armed with knowledge, equipment and training, Fairfield Fire Fighters managed many reports of domestic terrorism. The Fairfield Fire Department continues to prepare for such homeland defense missions.

Thousands of other responses for public need are not reflected in the above statistics. Many of these non-emergency activities help reduce the number of emergency calls for help from our citizens. Smoke Detector Surveys, fire safety education of the public and private school children, fire inspections, pre-fire planning, O.S.H.A. mandated training of firefighters, police officers, public works employees and school maintenance staff, and many other efforts now make up the daily routine within our organization.

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Fire Chief Richard Felner and the Fairfield Firefighters IAFF Local 1426




                                    Public assistance request.....


Chief Felner and the Fairfield Fire Department would like to request the publicís assistance with clearing fire hydrants of snow and ice as a result of recent snow storms. There are over 1600 fire hydrants in Fairfield and all seven(7) in service fire crews are working hard to clear as many hydrants as possible in between emergency calls. With more snow predicted over the next 48 hours and possibly a significant snow storm next week, this request is time sensitive.  

The department is recommending that Fairfield families adopt the fire hydrant that is closest to their home. While the department tries to clear fire hydrants as rapidly as possible, we need help shoveling out hydrants that are buried by snow drifts and plowed snow. Additionally, we are asking that people call and report any visible damage such as cracks, missing parts or water leaks before an emergency occurs.

 Nobody plans on having a fire in their home but ensuring that the fire hydrants closest to their house are clear of snow allows more firefighters to fight a fire and protect their families.  Thank you in advance for your assistance. 

Photo: Engine 3 fire crew shoveling out a hydrant in the Stratfield section of Fairfield. Another 6 inches of snow would completely hide this hydrant and delay getting water for a fire.